Boston & Cape Cod

Just a Sliver: Boston & Cape Cod

It's only taken 3 weeks but here is our 4th of July trip to Boston & Cape Cod! We had some friends from Canada join us for a New England  long weekend. We walked most of the Freedom Trail in Boston on Thursday and then took off for the Cape on … [Read more...]

Small Batch S’mores Cupcakes

Just a Sliver: S'mores Cupcakes

Graham cracker cake, homemade marshmallow filling, and chocolate frosting. And there you have S'mores in cupcake form. This is a small batch recipe which means it only makes 6-7 cupcakes. I will be very straight forward with you - it's a good amount … [Read more...]

Stowe, Vermont

Just a Sliver: Stowe, Vermont

We decided to celebrate our first anniversary in Stowe, Vermont. After meeting in Vermont almost 10 years ago, it seemed like the right place to celebrate our first year of wedded bliss ;) We were looking for a relaxing weekend and Stowe Mountain … [Read more...]

Year One.


B - happy first anniversary. How a year has already gone by I'll never know. This was a big year of change [hello "real world"] but we managed to make a nice little life in New England. Thank you for a great year of adventure, travel, fun, and for … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Golf Cupcakes

Just a Sliver: Father's Day Golf Cupcakes

With Father's Day right around the corner, here's a festive idea for those guys-who-golf. For these Golf themed cupcakes, I kept the cake super simple....and by that I mean I made a box mix and that was it. When you want to spend time decorating, you … [Read more...]

Donut Recipe Roundup

Just a Sliver: National Donut Day

Happy National Donut Day! [Doughnut or Donut?!] In honor of this magical "holiday", here are four great donut recipes from right here on Just a Sliver. 1. Funfetti Donuts || Recipe HERE 2. Pumpkin Maple Frosted Donuts || Recipe HERE 3. … [Read more...]

Mini Stack of Pancakes

Just a Sliver: Mini Stack of Pancakes

These Mini Pancakes are perfect if you're hosting a little brunch or simply looking for a new way to serve a classic breakfast treat. I used my favorite homemade pancake recipe [that can originally be found here] which requires nothing more that … [Read more...]

Berry & Cream Parfait

Just a Sliver: Berry & Cream Parfait

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! [almost] I can't even believe it's the official start of summer already! Although I'm certainly not complaining. With lots of celebratory cookouts this weekend and all Summer long, simple and fun dessert recipes are great … [Read more...]

San Francisco

Just a Sliver: San Francisco

At the end of March, a very unexpected work trip brought me out to San Francisco for a few days. When I first graduated from college, I moved out there for an incredible work opportunity. This was the first time I had been back in 5 years! While my … [Read more...]

Sunrise & Sunset in Madison, CT

Just a Sliver_ Madison, CT_1

My colleagues and I were lucky enough to visit the beautiful Madison Beach Hotel located in Madison, CT - right on the Connecticut Shoreline. I haven't spent much time on the Connecticut Shoreline yet so this was a great trip. First of all, this … [Read more...]