Welcome to my little corner of the web and thank you for visiting! I’m Kelly and I love sweets, travel & adventures, getting up early, sunsets anywhere, flowers, taking pictures, sleep, and of course.. my Canadian co-pilot.

Just a Sliver originally started as a baking blog and was inspired by my Grandma who always says, “I’ll have dessert, but just a sliver!” When we lived in Europe for a second time, we were lucky enough to do lots of traveling and I brought my camera with me everywhere. I couldn’t resist sharing my travel photos and realized how much I wanted to expand that side of the blog.

Although there’s been a shift, you will still find recipes here. The recipes I’ll post are always simple and never require complicated or obscure ingredients. I’m a firm believer in the simpler, the better..and more delicious.

I am a corporate meeting planner by day and adventurer on the weekend. We don’t like to sit still for long and on a normal weekend we will spend at least a few hours in the car driving to see someone or something new.

Originally from upstate New York; I have lived in Northern California, Germany, Manhattan, Vermont, Cleveland,  Canada, and Italy since graduation from the University of Vermont. We currently reside in New England and we are actively exploring the great sites of the East Coast.

Thank you for following along and I hope you will continue to join me on this life adventure.

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