September in Photos

Just a Sliver: September in Photos

It's October?! September absolutely flew by. Getting settled into a new home, doing a bit of traveling, enjoying the beautiful weather. Don't know where the time went! A few strange days led us to Detroit and then an overnight in Cleveland. It was … [Read more...]

the best summer. ever.

Just a Sliver: Our Wedding

Because it's the first official day of Fall, I have to recap this Summer because this summer was amazing. So much time spent with our family and friends celebrating all kinds of wonderful events. From the end of April to the beginning of September we … [Read more...]

A Few Weeks in Photos

Just a Sliver: A Few Weeks in Photos

The past few weeks have certainly been a whirlwind! Recovering from my Bachelorette Bash in NYC, taking a quick trip North of the border, celebrating my dear friend's bachelorette night, and preparing for the big weekend that is all of a sudden … [Read more...]

Week in Photos 5.19.2014 || Burlington, VT


This weekend I went on a quick trip to one of my favorite places - Burlington, Vermont. Every time I'm there I am in awe of how beautiful it is. It's a special place because of all of the wonderful memories I have from school [including meeting my … [Read more...]

Week in Photos 5.12.2014


This week it FINALLY felt warm! There have been very small hints of Spring in the last few weeks but this week, there was actual warmth. The trees and flowers started blooming and everything turned nice and green. I can't even tell you how happy this … [Read more...]

Week in Photos 4.21.2014

Week in Photos 4.20.2014

It's starting to feel like Spring around here :) This week was such a wonderful start to the new season. My other half is finally back in North America! With him and my brother in town for the weekend, we had the whole gang back together for the … [Read more...]

Week in Photos 12.2.2013

Just a Sliver: Week in Photos 12.2.2013

Last week we went to Torino for an afternoon of walking around and Christmas shopping. It's one of the most beautiful Italian cities less than an hour away. We also had our first snowfall which was so nice!! [already melted]  Have a great … [Read more...]

Week in Photos 11.25.13 || Sestriere

Just a Sliver: Week in Photos 11.25.13

Last week it rained then snowed a little and then rained some more. Finally on Sunday we had clear blue skies so we drove to Sestriere, Italy. Sestriere was one of the main venues for skiing events during the 2006 Torino Olympics. The village was … [Read more...]

Week in Photos 10.29.2013 || Monaco & Nice

Just a Sliver Week in Photos 10.29.13

Sunday and Monday we took an impromptu road trip to Monaco and Nice! We finalized our plans at 1:30am and were on the road by 9:30. It was absolutely amazing. The French Riviera Definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. For our … [Read more...]

Week in Photos 10.15.2013 || Milan


Last week we left our little town and went to Milan! Just about 2 hours away it was a perfect day trip. We walked around, did a little  shopping, and went to the hockey game. The weather was perfect and our two Italian friends were amazing tour … [Read more...]